Lets Celebrate Earth Day

Lets Celebrate Earth Day


Lets Celebrate Earth Day


Earth Day started in 1970, on the 22nd of April. Every year on this date we celebrate our wonderful planet and think about ways to protect it.

As teachers it is important that we ensure future generations are aware of the dangers facing our planet, we need to look after it! This why it is so important to teach them about Earth Day

With Earth Day just around the corner here are some fun ways to get children excited about protecting our planet.

Plant a tree

Kids love being part of something big! Planting a tree and explaining that it will outlive all of the people alive today is quite magical. This can go hand in hand with a science lesson explaining about trees and the environment. It can be simple enough to find a good place on school grounds and get your tree from the local garden centre. 

Art projects

Get children excited and involved in Earth Day by creating art work that represents the most beautiful parts of our planet. The sea is always a good topic, sunsets over mountains or even detailed drawings of the leaves on trees. 

Make a school garden

If you have the space (and the time) it can be very beneficial to children to make a school garden. Select a plot, grow plants and flowers and allow the children to get involved. 

Have an Earth Day lesson

Use the 22nd of April as a chance to teach children the importance of Earth Day and conservation. For a complete Earth Day lesson plan please have a look in my store here.


Educate others

Encourage children to give talks, make posters and create information boards to show everyone why we should be protecting our planet! 

Nature walks

Lastly let children experience the wonder of nature themselves by taking them on a nature walk. Spend time outside, look closely at the plants and animals they come across and teach them to always respect the area they are visiting. 

How ever you decide to celebrate Earth Day it is a great way to remind the children to recycle and continue to protect the planet. 


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