Who has time for this?

Who has time for this?

I am really excited today, because I have big news! I get a lot of questions asking me how I make my escape rooms and I have tried a few times to explain it but talking about it doesn’t really do it justice, so on Sunday (24th January 2021) I will be going live on my Instagram (@thegingerteacher) and walking you through every step of the way how I make my engaging escape rooms! I strongly believe that everyone should be using these with their learners and I want to make it as easy as possible for people to make their own rooms and start using them!  If you can’t make it on Sunday, or if you are reading this after that date, you can always watch the replay below.


Teachers have always been pushed for time and now it has reached crazy levels. I know that we are all feeling it and now does not feel like the time to start introducing something new, but hear me out!

You need to be giving your kids engaging remote learning opportunities, you know that, I am well aware that this isn’t news to you. But what if you just don’t have time to do it? That’s were ready made escape rooms can help!

They are all ready, just give your students the link and away you go!

So now for my really big news! My Teacher Escape Rooms Membership is opening in just 3 weeks! I only open the doors to my membership once a year because members get so much personal attention and benefits that I can only let in a small group of teachers.

In my membership you get:

❤️ Access to all my escape rooms

❤️ Access to additional escape rooms added by teachers that teach different age ranges and subjects from me.

❤️ Unlimited request options – You can request a game on any subject or age range and I will get it to you in 1 to 2 days. This is one of the big reasons I keep my membership small, I want every member to get their games as fast as possible.

❤️ Training and workshops inside the member area.

❤️ Access to my member only ‘add your own question’ games. These games are designed to be challenging and complex but have your questions added into the game.

It is going to be so great and I can’t wait to welcome my new members. I open the membership on February 14th and it is only open for 5 days.

I hope you are excited too!

 Don't forget you can play my digital escape room for teachers here!

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