What is Gamification?

What is Gamification?

Make Learning a Game...

That your students want to win!

You may have heard the buzzword gamification (or you may not have), it sounds huge and scary, but it is probably things you are doing already! 

Think about the rewards you give out to your class for good behaviour, or merit points they collect. these are types of gamification. It is taking game elements and using them in a non game context. 

Gamification has been proven to develop confidence in students, improve attendance, concentration and engagement! One of the biggest problems students face is the lack of control they have over their learning and the environment in general. Gamification changes that. It puts a lot of control back on the learner and lets them move forward in their own way. 


There are some great ways to use the gamification and they are easy to get started with straight away. 

Start Small

Brag Tags are a great start to gamification. You can reward them by encouraging your students to start a collection.

Leader boards are another gamification technique you can list how well students are doing and support their growth with celebrations. 


Build it up

Your next step in gamification could be creating a class economy. This is exactly what it sounds like. you can award a points / money system with your class and then allow them to save up and buy items. 

This is fantastic way to teach all kinds of concepts such as fiscal responsible, co-operation and forward planning. 

It isn't even difficult to set up as can all be done digitally. 

Take it even further!

If you are interested in levelling up your teaching and bringing game like elements into your classroom then grab this free 10 step how to guide for teachers, this guide walks you through turning your classroom environment into a huge game that students will love! 



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