Using Knowledge Round Up Boards

Using Knowledge Round Up Boards

Using Knowledge Round Up Boards



At the end of a topic or unit, it can sometimes feel as if it just ends abruptly, sometimes we get children to write a passage about all the things they have learnt. These aren't particularly exciting ways to finish a topic and display all the things the children have been studying. 

That's why I have started to use Knowledge Round Up Boards.


The idea is that the kids can display their new knowledge in a fun way that lets them be creative. I have used both large coloured poster boards and file folders folded like lap books, both work well. The kids can use lots of different coloured card or colour it in themselves, they make pockets, flip-books and folded shapes to make their boards look fun and interactive. They include all the different parts of the topics that we have covered. Not only are these really fun but they also help to reinforce the things they have learnt. 


Here is my Ancient Egyptian Knowledge round up board and the kids loved it! 

The board included a flipbook, foldable shapes, places to write about the subject and decorative pictures. 


If you would like to see more example of these knowledge round up boards I have a selection in my store: Fossils, Egyptians, Life Cycles and The Rainforest. I am working on more!


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