Using Interactive Reward Tags

Using Interactive Reward Tags

Using Interactive Reward Tags


Also called, Brag Tags, Achievement Cards and Award Tags, I love Reward Tags!

If you aren't using reward tags in your classroom, you are missing out. They are great motivators and are much better then constantly buying trinkets and prizes to reward your class. Children love to collect things and are eager to get the whole set! 

They work pretty simply, you have a stash of different tags for different achievements (100% on a test, being a good friend, tidying the classroom, etc.). Children earn the tags in class and can save their tags on a tag necklace, lanyard, key rings or in a book. Collecting all the different types of tags makes it extra fun! 


I really enjoy reward tags and I think they are fantastic for encouraging hard work and good behaviour. 

Now Reward Tags have gone interactive! As well as collecting the tag itself, kids can now scan the tags with iPads, iPhones or Android devices and the different characters come to life in your classroom! The Augmented Reality (AR) parts of the reward make a fun dancing character appear in the classroom!


Not only does the fun character appear it will also give the children another object reward. These rewards are unique for each reward tag and are saved on the device or student's account. This encourages children to want to collect all the objects! 

If you want to give these Interactive Reward Tags a try hop over to my store and get my free tags!

These reward tags are so much fun! Please stop by my store and take a look at my Interactive Reward Tags for your class



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