Teaching Spellings to Kindergarten 

Teaching Spellings to Kindergarten 

Teaching Spellings to Kindergarten 


I am a big fan of children learning through play for as long as possible. However I also know that this isn't always how schools work and teachers are often required to show progress in writing. This includes spelling beginning words, there are still ways to make the teaching of spelling fun for everyone.

So here are some ideas for ways to teach spellings

Play dough words
Play dough is always fun. Using the play dough to create the letters and words copying the teacher's example.


Using building blocks
For this one you need to plastic blocks to wrote the words and letters on. Children can match the letters to create the words and also get creative to make their own words.



Magnetic letters
Using magnetic letters to spell out words isn't a new idea but taking it out of the classroom can be a small change which really helps make the learning fun. Practice making words on tin cans, metal fences and climbing frames. This is also a fun way to bring a little science into the learning: 'will it stick to the wooden fence or the metal fence?


Show children the word and have them recreate it in sand. This can be done on a small scale with a tray and finger writing or much larger in a sand pit with sticks or even feet.

Chalk drawing is fun and an excellent way to develop fine motor skills. Using fun flash cards with pictures and words for children to recreate with chalk is a great way to practice spellings.

Finger painting
We all know children love to get messy! Finger painting letters and words is a great way to keep them interested in the task.

Water painting

Not unlike regular painting but without the mess! Give children paint brushes and tubs of water, they can then paint letters and words on dry surfaces with the water. This does not require much cleaning up and is just as much fun.


Human letters

This idea involves the whole class and is a good way to get them moving round. Assign a letter to each child this can be done with name tags or bibs. Then they need to find their partners to make given words, this activity is best done in a large space so outside or in the gym is great!

These ideas are engaging for little learners and a great way to keep learning in the classroom fun. If you would like more support with teaching spelling to young children, my spelling packs are really useful to encourage learning, they include games and fun activities as well as varieties of flash cards which can be used with any of the above ideas to support learning.



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