Teaching Science Through Escape Rooms

Teaching Science Through Escape Rooms

Teaching Science Through Escape Rooms


Teaching science isn't easy. Not only do we worry about how to engage our students, we also need a way to deliver the information in a digestible way. This is why escape rooms are perfect for science lessons.


What are escape rooms and why do they work for science?

Think about it. Someone comes to you with a problem. You have two options. You can either solve it yourself, or you can give it to someone else. Most people prefer to solve problems on their own, so that's what you'll end up doing. This is what an escape room is. An escape room is a simple room. You're in the room. The only real information you need is the problem. You need to solve the problem to get out of the room. If you have ever played an escape room, you will know that the puzzle is always changing, so you have to think about it differently every time.


Escape rooms in the classroom

Escape rooms are a great way to involve your students and engage with your lesson. First of all, escape rooms are a great way to teach your students about a specific topic or idea. Of course, you can also use these rooms to test your students' knowledge and help them to think critically about a topic. If you are a science teacher, you know how hard it is to get your students excited about a topic. You need to find a way to show them the potential of their own ideas and encourage them to become the next Einstein. Some science escape rooms include mini-projects for your students to take part in. When your students are solving a case together, they'll begin to understand the topics and ideas that they have been studying.


The benefits of escape rooms

Escape rooms are a fun way to engage your students and show them the importance of thinking creatively. They introduce students to various cognitive functions that they are less likely to encounter in their daily lives. Students get a chance to see where their knowledge comes from – their exploratory skills are tested through mental puzzles that they must solve. They make learning interactive and fun.


Exploring the wonders of biology and other scientific fields through these kinds of activities makes science something kids can do on their own. If you haven't yet checked out escape rooms, I recommend you give it a try. You won't be disappointed! Do you teach science in a different way? What are your experiences with or lessons from escape rooms?

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