Teaching Children About the Romans

Teaching Children About the Romans

Teach Children About the Romans


I enjoy a good topic! Something you can relate to other areas of learning in the classroom and get the children excited about. Romans are a great topic. There are so many areas to explore and fun things you can do. Here are some ways to teach children about the Ancient Romans and how they lived their lives. 

Try Roman food
This is such a fun way to get the kids excited about the new topic, show them pictures of Roman food and then work as a class to make some. They can taste the food after and decide if it is something they would eat themselves! Things to make can be 

Build Roman weapons
Take a look at the different weapons the Roman army used to use and build some of your own. Talk about the materials you will use, create swords from card and decorate in a Roman style or choose to make a Roman shield and practice the famous tortoise formation. 

Play Roman games
Research and play some Roman games, learn the rules of the games and play in teams. This is good when combined with PE lessons. 


Build Roman constructions
Research the types of constructions Romans made, discuss the buildings and inventions of the Romans. Children can make these out of cardboard and other materials and compare their designs with the Roman designs. 

If you would like a full unit of Roman lessons please check out my Roman Bundle! 





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