Teaching About Saint Patrick's Day

Teaching About Saint Patrick's Day

Teaching about St Patrick's Day

I realise I'm really planning ahead with this one!  It is still January, I know (how can it still be January?!! Does this month never end?) but I wanted to get a Saint Patrick's Day resource made. I have just finished it and I really love it! I want it to be March already!

Saint Patrick's day is such a fun celebration. There is a real focus on having fun and wanting the best and luck for others, which to me seems like the best reason to celebrate! With this resource I tried to cover as much as I could without being over the top. There is information on the Saint himself and his day, I've explored the ways that people celebrate around the world. 

I also include a section on Irish leprechauns just for fun :)
The PowerPoint is really colourful and has many details, it has 36 slides to keep the kids entertained. To go along with the PowerPoint I have made some worksheets with matching activities for the children to embed their knowledge.

Like I said I am really pleased with this resource and if you would like to check it out yourself you can find it in my store!
Thanks for reading!

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