Teach Children About Fossils

Teach Children About Fossils

Teach Children About Fossils

Fossils and rocks are so much fun to teach. When ever this topic comes around I love to get my kids to make their own fossils. We grab some clay and small toys and make our own fossils. Everyone loves it and it is such a great learning experience.

Aside from making the fossils we also go on rock hunts and examine and draw lots of different rocks and fossils.

To really get our teeth into our fossil unit my kids create information boards to show off all the information we have learnt.

These boards make great review tools and are fantastic for displays. I have to say fossils are definitely one of my favourite topics to teach!
My new fossils complete lesson is now available in my store and includes everything you might need for this fossils lesson such as:
- Full and detailed lesson plan
- Complete lesson PowerPoint
- Starter PowerPoint
- Fact sheet
- Information board foldable (with and without instructions)
- Discussion picture
- Example information board
I hope it's useful :)

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