Reward Ideas for All Ages

Reward Ideas for All Ages

Reward Ideas for All Ages


I was having a discussion recently with a teacher friend of mine, we were talking about stickers and how much children love them! I said that I always carry a sheet of stickers if I have to cover a class. The kids love it when they earn a sticker, they wear it with pride, they sit up a little straighter so everyone will notice and it encourages their friends to do the same to receive the reward. 

My friend asked me if I was covering a lot of young classes. No upper high school...

Children are still people! We all love to win something, even if it is as small as a sticker, a certificate or a brag tag. I think some times as teachers we forget that as the children progress through the school and become taller and more capable, they are still children. 

I have never met a student that didn't want their rewards. Even those that can't have their stickers stuck to them collect them in books or on their folders. 

So my point of this post, is that children of all ages want to be rewarded for their hard work and attitudes. Give out those stickers, write those certificates and laminate those brag tags, because it really is worth it! 

If you are interested in using brag tags in a new way, please have a read of my blog post on Interactive Brag Tags

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