Just getting by…

Just getting by…

I love my job, I really do. Sometimes the kids drive me crazy and sometimes I am exhausted and sometimes it is a Friday toward the end of the year and it is hot and muggy and everyone is worn out. Today is that day. Today I am tired and the children are tired. It is on days like today that I need to remind myself how lucky I am. I get to work in my own space with people that constantly surprise me. I get to plan my whole day to include the things I want. I get to learn new things and try out fun experiments.

I need to remind myself that yesterday I went out into the orchard and built forts. Next week I will be fishing for tadpoles and watching them grow. Last term I played being red riding hood and ran around in the woods looking for clues to catch the big bad wolf.

I get paid for this! Sometimes I just need reminding that I get paid for this! I do have the best job in the world. I can say that now, as I am about to go off for PPA this afternoon and it is Friday!

One of my favourite poems:

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