Introducing Augmented Reality (AR)

Introducing Augmented Reality (AR)

Introducing Augmented Reality (AR)

I recently started to use Augmented Reality (AR) in my lesson resources and I am completely hooked! AR and and VR (Virtual Reality) are very closely linked but different. VR immerses the user into a virtual world, usually using a face mask and electronic device. VR is great although can be difficult to manage in the classroom. 


AR allows for the wonder and excitement of VR but puts the virtual parts into the real world. Here is some AR on one of my resources.

This is small scale and still very exciting and engaging for students. However AR can be used on a large scale! For even more proof that this is something you should be interested in for your school and classroom check out this AR video! 

I will be writing more detailed posts on AR soon but for now I just wanted to get you all as excited as I am! 



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