I am writing books!

I am writing books!

Fun Workbooks For Teaching Science and History

Happy New Year!

I have been writing lessons and creating resources for a very long time, longer than I want to think about really (am I seriously that old!). A little while ago I started to wonder about how I could reach more people, help more students, and use the things I have learnt to make life easier for teachers and parents.

I started to turn some of my science, history, and social lessons into workbooks. I created a series of books called ‘Colour and Learn’ these books explain in detail topics and subjects which may be hard to explain to children. The books are aimed at primary age children aged between 8 to 11 years old, although hey can be helpful for older children as well.




I wanted to be able to explain things that are normally considered too complex. I started with a physics series and explained topics such as relativity, waves, energy and light and optics. I have since moved onto biology and chemistry as well!


In history I have started to look at famous inventors and motivational figures. I am particularly interested in influential woman in history, so I have books based on Marie Curie, Rosa parks and Emmeline Pankhurst.


There has been a great response so far and I am very pleased with how they are helping children!



I plan to add more books to the collection branching out into other areas. If you are interested in these books, please visit my store here and have a look at my current titles.

Have a great year!



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