How Do I Plan Mr Stink Lessons?

How Do I Plan Mr Stink Lessons?

Don’t make it over complicated, read a chapter each lesson and plan a topic based on the chapter. There are many English language features in Mr Stink so pick one for each chapter. Engage the children by giving them related activities which expand the learning.


What topics can I cover with Mr Stink?



The wonderful thing about David Walliams’ books, is that there are so many English language aspects covered. Each chapter presents itself with new learning objectives. Read each chapter and think about how you can relate the learning points to the book.

For example, when Mr Stink takes a bath, you could use this to teach about instructions, how instructions are written and laid out, as well as possible language to use.

When Mr Stink is taken to meet the Prime Minister, you could use this as an example of letter writing or report writing. The best way to approach this is with


How good a learning resource is Mr Stink?


I personally love David Walliams’ books. I think Mr Stink in particular is a great class book. Not only does it cover some great themes such as homelessness and conflict in the home, but it also has very clever writing that lets the children in on subtle jokes and understanding meaning from context.

The versatility of the book along with the important messages makes it a great book for teaching.

Can I make a whole unit using Mr Stink?

Absolutely! In fact, I have! I have a lesson for each chapter and the children look at the techniques used in the book, discuss the story, structure and technical aspects and they write their own versions of literary examples for each chapter.



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