Games to Play in the Classroom

Games to Play in the Classroom

Games to Play in the Classroom


Games are a great way to help children learn a concept. I play lots of games with children to encourage the idea that learning is fun and enjoyable. 

When it comes to maths work, games are fantastic ways to help kids remember things such as multiplication. One of my favourite games is table knock down:


Table knock down:

You need children in teams if you have them sat at tables of 6 this is great although sometimes you might need to group two tables together but you want at least three or four teams. 


Have the children stand up behind their chairs and explain the rules. The teacher will start and choose a times table number you will be working on (for example 4 x table) teacher asks one person a 4 times table question. If that person gets it right they can choose to knock down a person from another table (make them sit down). Then they get to pick a person (on another table) to ask a question to. If that person gets the question correct they can then knock down a person, or if they are feeling generous they can stand up a person who has already been knocked down. Only one of these not both. After making their choice they get to pick the next person to ask a question to. 


If someone answers a question wrong they then have to sit down and the last person to ask a question asks someone else. The winning team is the team that is last standing, or if you run out of time the team with the most people standing. 


You cannot ask a question to someone on your own table

You can knock down or stand up one person per question you answer correctly. 

Children sitting cannot be asked questions until they have been stood up

Teacher has the option to knock down any person they think is not acting nicely, (I use this power for children that are mean, shout out or generally need to be told to calm down a little. This is quite good as it temporarily removes them from the game but they can still be stood back up by a team mate. 

For smaller groups you can still use games as a way to teach concepts. A great revision tool is to get children to write their own questions on the subject and then replace the question cards in a traditional game. 

If you would like pre-made question cards please check out my range in my shop.


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