Five fun and practical ways to teach kids the Ancient Egyptians

Five fun and practical ways to teach kids the Ancient Egyptians

Five fun and practical ways to teach kids the Ancient Egyptians


The Ancient Egyptians are always such a fun topic to teach, as they are surrounded in mystery and interesting culture. In my store I have a big bundle of Ancient Egyptian lessons which take children through many different aspects of the Ancient Egyptian life. Apart from the written and text driven lessons Ancient Egyptians, really lends itself to practical and fun lessons! 

Here are my favourite practical Ancient Egyptian lessons:

Mummify toy animals 

After teaching children about the mummification process, it can be a great idea to then practice on toy animals. The kids love the practical nature of the lesson and it really reinforces the learning. 


Write their name in hieroglyphics

A lesson on hieroglyphics always makes the children keen to write things on their own. Helping children write and create hieroglyphic name cards is such fun. 

Build pyramids

The mathematics involved in building pyramids lends itself very nicely to a topic themed maths lesson. Supply blocks and allow children to work in teams to create their own pyramids.

Make Egyptian pots

The Ancient Egyptian burial pots are a great way to bring art into the classroom. clay pinch pots can be painted in bright colours to match the Ancient Egyptian theme. 

Dress as Ancient Egyptians

 This is one of my favourites! hold a dress up day and children can come dressed as Ancient Egyptians. They can choose the social status of their dress. You will probably end up with quite a few pharaohs!

My Ancient Egyptian lesson bundle includes nine different themed lessons on the topic, which are also available separately. 



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