Different Types of Rewards

Different Types of Rewards

Different Types of Rewards


Recently I have been taking a lot of interest in the different ways we reward our students. 

When I first started teaching I would spend my time and money buying my class small gifts as rewards for their behaviour or achievements. While I was happy to do this, it wasn't really ideal and didn't always have the effects I desired. 

Recently I have been looking a great deal at other ways to reward children without spending all my time and money buying them gifts. 

This led me to discovering brag tags, I have discussed these recently and I love them! They are simply collectable tags that are given to the children for certain behaviours or events. They are great, children love to collect things and these tags are a great reward. After playing around with using the tags for a while I realised they are just small collectable versions of certificates (yes it took me a while, durr) so I used the skills I had learnt when making my interactive brag tags and turned them into certificates! I was really pleased with this idea as some children prefer to receive a certificate. 


This was all going swimmingly, until... I saw the children wearing their brag tags on their wrists as bracelets and I realised there was an even better way to give the children reward tags in a fun collectable way.


I could make collectable watches that the children could win in class. They could wear them all day and then take them home in the evening to show their parents. I made two versions of the watches, one with characters on and one with interactive QR codes. 

multiply-rewards  back-to-school-rewards

The children loved them! They were such a big hit I made more and more and they have become the most popular way to reward the children I teach. I love how excited the children get to win these watches and it really improves behaviour. 

If you are thinking about trying out some form of brag tag / certificate reward type system in your classroom I recommend making your class reward watches as they are so much fun! 

(and if you don't feel the need to make them yourself, I have different collections in my store)

Please let me know how you get on with your reward watches you can leave comments on this post, email me charlee@thegingerteacher.com or tag me on any social media you can think of @thegingerteacher! 


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