Do You Know How to Deal With Noise in the Classroom?

Do You Know How to Deal With Noise in the Classroom?

Do You Know How to Deal With Noise in the Classroom?

Let's face it kids are noisy! 

Sometimes we need them to work quietly or even in silence, and some classes really struggle with this! Here are my tips for keeping the noise level down in your classroom.

Noise monitor

It is important that the children know the noise level you are expecting. So a noise monitor with an arrow pointed to the current level can be really helpful. 

I have found that this works really well if they practice the different levels first, particularly the difference between partner talk and group talk. (I have different version of these in my store)

Quiet critters

Quiet critters are great ways to encourage kids to keep the volume low. these are little toys which can come out and sit on desks, however they can only come out in quiet classrooms as they are easily scared!

Bouncing balls

A visual representation of the class noise level is also very effective. Using these bouncy balls to show the current level in class is a great visual reminder

Noise letters

Have the class work toward a reward. Put up the NOISE letters and if they can keep them up they are rewarded. One letter at a time comes down if the class are too loud, but letters can go back up if they work for periods of time at the correct level. I have used 2 minutes of extra break for each letter they keep up. 

I also have themed versions of these in my store.

Secret systems

This is a fun one but can only be used in certain circumstances. Tel them it is a no talking lesson but they can still talk to their friends! Give them another way to communicate. Writing on small white boards. passing notes and using special hand signs are fun ways for kids to enjoy being silent. 

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