Christmas Grammar Activities

Christmas Grammar Activities

What is the best way to teach grammar at Christmas?

Short answer – Quick and fun! This time of year, your students are over excited and need quick and fun Christmas grammar lessons. Short and sweet is the way forward. That doesn’t mean that you can only do a little bit of grammar learning. You can have short recaps throughout the day at moments that need filling. Use Christmas themed grammar worksheets in place of a whole lesson.

How can I make my Grammar lessons Christmas related?

The most obvious way is to put some Christmas themed pictures on the work. It might seem like a small thing but it does make it more fun. Changing up problems so they have a Christmas theme and include fun holiday elements can also make them more festive. Christmas grammar sheets always go down well, or just a few Christmas grammar exercises.

I also like to use Christmas themed rewards, for example if they finish their work on time, they get to listen to Christmas songs as a treat.


Should I assign grammar homework over the Christmas break?

This is an individual decision. Some teachers decide not to (myself included) because it is a chance for the kids – (and us!) to relax and take a bit of a break. However, some teachers don’t want too much of a slide over the holiday and feel that homework is important.

If you do give homework, remember that it may not get done! Just a few Christmas grammar worksheets should be enough.


What are good Christmas resources for teaching spelling punctuation and grammar?

There are loads of fun resources around. My own Christmas themed resources can be found here


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