Five ways to bring video into your classroom

Five ways to bring video into your classroom

Five ways to bring video into your classroom


Video is such an underrated classroom tool. Sure we put on the odd science video and the end of term class treat DVD, but video in the classroom is very under used! 

There are so many ways to use video in class, here are my five favourites:

Record the learning

Kids love seeing themselves on video, recording then watching back their learning is not only fun but also reinforces the concepts learnt.

Record parts of the lesson as news report, a documentary or have the children show off finished projects

Send messages home

A fun twist on notes home to parents, have the children record themselves talking about their achievement. They can show off their neat handwriting or amazing art work! Record the video and email to parents or put on the school website (with permission) 

Create class newsletters

A fun spin on the traditional class newsletter, have your class submit their classroom news story videos. Show off classroom displays, sing the new songs you have learnt or brag about the amazing work your class have done! 

Newsletters can be shared with the school on websites or assemblies, or they are just as much fun if played to the class at a later date to discuss the content. 

Set the mood for a unit

The start of a unit of work is a great time to use video. Play story videos or factual clips to get the ideas flowing.

If you would like to see my Myths or Fairy Tale story videos please stop by my store. 



This works particularly well for slightly older children. Have someone (a TA or responsible student) record your input on the lesson, then make this available to your students (and their parents) to help them go back over the lesson, for revision or homework purposes.  

This can be done by YouTube, email or school accounts. 

How ever you choose to use videos, make them a part of your classroom!


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