Are you using Boom Cards yet?

Are you using Boom Cards yet?

Are you using Boom Cards? 


If the answer is no then you really need to jump on board! 

I am Boom Card's latest fan and I cannot say enough, as a teacher-seller you need to be on this platform. I am not affiliated with Boom Learning in anyway and not paid to promote them at all, I am genuinely excited by this opportunity to our businesses.

I admit I was very reluctant at first, I didn't think they would be worth my time. I was not looking for another platform to sell on (and compete with myself!) and didn't understand what all the fuss was about everything they did I could already do in PowerPoint... right? 


I was so wrong!

Firstly they aren't just another selling platform. They are a creating platform! So while they do have their own (very healthy and growing) market place, this isn't a site to upload your existing products onto. And the things you can create and amazing! 

They were first described to be as task cards (which is why I was a little bit unsure about trying it) but they are so much more than that. You create a background for your cards, then add in questions tasks and movable parts. you can create task cards, games, puzzles and assignments. The cards can be self marking or you can leave it open for teachers to grade them. 

I prefer to create my backgrounds in PowerPoint still but Boom cards even makes it easy to upload straight from PowerPoint! 

You can have the cards run in a particular order, randomize them or define the order by using buttons. 

This is a fantastic tool that is growing fast. So get over there quick and see what you can make. 

 If you are a new seller (or even if you aren't) click here to grab your free seller starter pack. This pack contains your seller planner and 101 ways to market your store list. 

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