Why you should exercise!

Why you should exercise!


In a discussion recently with my Mastermind Group, I realised my business growth through the years has been strongest when I weigh less. This seemed like such a strange correlation we investigated it further. Over the five years I have been selling my resources online the highest percentage of growth my business has seen was during the time I was running 5k every other day.  The lowest amount of growth was when I stopped running altogether. Not only that but there was a direct link between how often I ran and how my business grew. 

I was starting to think I was going a little but mad. How did my running make my business grow? So of course my first stop was Google and it turns out I am not mad at all, in fact there is a lot of research that says taking regular exercise is very beneficial to people running their own businesses. 

Firstly exercising on a regular basis improves all kinds of skills that your business needs, such as concentration, memory, problem solving skills and attention to detail.

It also forces you to step away from the computer for at least a short amount of time, this break gives your brain time to think through and process all the ideas and struggles you might have going on. Helping you approach your business in a new way. 

Not only this but exercise keeps you healthy (well duh) and when your body is healthy you are much more likely to produce better work, if you ache and feel tired you aren't likely to want create something amazing. 

On top of all this I realised that I had my best ideas when running and I had nothing else to focus on. I would come back from a run with a great new product idea and this is of course the life blood of my business! 

Finally doing something like running took me out of the house away from everything work related, when I finished running and got back to work I had felt refreshed and ready to start fresh. 

I appreciate that running isn't for everyone (it actually isn't really something I like it is just the only thing I can practically do) but try to find your thing. The exercise that you can fit into your routine. Your business will thank you for it!

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