What to do when things don't sell as expected

What to do when things don't sell as expected


We have all been there, you create something amazing! It is THE lesson, this will change the way that teaching and schools run lessons for the rest of time. Everyone that comes into contact with this lesson will see how amazing it is and instant;y want a copy! you have done it! 

Then you list it and.... Nothing happens, a copy of sales maybe but even they don't leave feedback, never mind send you gushing emails about the wonderfulness you have created. What's wrong with people?

There could be all kinds of reason, your product hasn't had enough exposure, you didn't hit the right note with your cover page, maybe you didn't explain it well in the description? The truth is, sometimes we get things wrong. I have made products that I thought would sell and change everything, only to have them have one of the lowest conversion rates ever! It happens but I don't want you to be discouraged. If you saw a need for this product maybe others will too, you just might need to change something. 

Start with your product views. People are not going to be able to buy this amazing new product if they don't know it exists. If you are using TPT this information will be on your dashboard. Play around with the drop down menus on your graph and see how many people viewed your product in the last week, month, year. Make sure you have just the product you are working on ticked, you don't need your whole store. If you are working on your own website use Google Analytics and track your page views. If you do not have people coming to your product then no one knows about it! Start by looking carefully at your title and description, could you improve it? Put in better keywords? Could you make the cover better? More eye catching? This are the first things to consider doing.

If these things don't make a difference you might need to up the marketing of this product. Pin it more with different pin pictures, make a video and put it on YouTube, Pinterest, IGTV, Facebook and TikTok. Write a blog post about this product and make sure you pin that as well. Post in Facebook groups (that allow it) and tweet about it, let people know the solution to all their problems has finally been invented! Get those eyes on your product! 

If you are getting views on your product but it isn't selling then your problem is conversion. Your conversion is a percentage of how many people that looked at your product that actually brought it. Online products with a conversion of around 3 - 6% are considered fine, 7 - 10% is good 10% - 20% is very good and anything about 25% is amazing! If you have a lot of people looking at your product but not buying it there will be a reason. Something drove that person to look at your product, they were clearly interested at the start, then something went wrong and they decided against buying. The price may be too high, try playing around with the price point. Have you got a preview and clear information about what is included? If not potential customers maybe turned off from buying. Finally have you attracted the right customer? If you are selling a high school lesson but you posted about how amazing it was in a kindergarten Facebook group, people might have come over to see this amazing lesson then realised it isn't actually useful to them. Make sure you are targeting your marketing efforts in the right place. 


There is a reason your product isn't selling and if you really believe in your work then it probably isn't because nobody needs it! 

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