What should I be pinning?

What should I be pinning?


Pinterest is a popular topic for my coaching questions, and this is a frequent one! By now we should all know how important Pinterest is and we are all pinning as often as possible. But the question is what should you be pinning? 

Well your products for a start. You want buyers to find you so make pins that show off and link to your products. Lots of people (myself included) pin covers. There is a reason I pin my product covers and to be honest it isn't a very good one. The reason I pin product covers is because a lot of time I do not have the time to create a pin for the resource I have just made and listed, yet I still want to get it onto Pinterest. I pin the cover and in that way at least it has started its Pinterest journey. Now when I do pin covers I make sure to come back later when I have the time, (HA HA HA) and make a pin for that resource. Like I said this is not a good reason to pin covers and I would seriously advise you to create proper pins for your products. 

So, how do you create a proper pin? You need to show off your product. Open a new PowerPoint document and put in some thumb nails from your product, maybe a photo of it in action, and include a bit of text to show off how fabulous your resource is. Make sure people can see what they are getting and why they should be clicking on your pin. Here is one of mine:


Save your PowerPoint as a PNG and then upload it to Pinterest (or tailwind if you use that service) put the link to the product in the relevant place on Pinterest and away you go! 

So great you have a product pin... What else should you pin? Do you blog? If you do then it is time to make some pins for your blog as well, make these in the same way as your products. 


Anything else? Yep! Your products and your blog are sales tactics and are meant to drive buyers to your resources, or to your blog and from their to your resources. But pins have another use as well. They can encourage brand recognition and instil trust in your customers. So to do this you can create memes, jokes and fun sayings. Pin these too! Remember to keep them on brand and it will build your business in the mind of your buyers. 


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