What is Pinterest and Do I Need it?

What is Pinterest and Do I Need it?


I have been wanting to write a Pinterest post for a while, the problem with Pinterest is that I could make a whole other blog with just Pinterest posts! There is so much to leaarn about Pinterest and I am always learning and updating my knowledge. 


I absolutely love Pinterest! It is a very real traffic source and is not something to overlook. I have taken many courses on Pinterest and talked to many experts. These have been different levels of useful but the things I have found most useful with Pinterest is trying things and then seeing if they help my traffic or not! 


Ok so what is Pinterest? It is a great big picture search engine. You have your own account where you collect pictures and you organise these pictures into groups (called boards) everyone else has their own account with their own pictures also organised into groups. Now when someone uses Pinterest they will search (just as they do on Google) and Pinterest will go through all the boards of all the members and give the searcher results that it thinks the person is looking for. 

You need to think of Pinterest as a search engine, a lot of people make the mistake of thinking of it as a social media platform but this isn't a great way to come at it. Your aim with Pinterest is to provide content for the search engine to show to the searchers, your buyers. 


So do you need it? 


Pinterest is important. You wouldn't opt out of being found on Google and this is the same thing! So get on Pinterest and start pinning! 


I will be doing more Pinterest posts and if you have any particular questions please let me know and I will cover them in future posts. 


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