Using Social Media Stories

Using Social Media Stories


Social media stories are everywhere now! They started out on Snap Chat, moved to Instagram and Facebook and now even YouTube and Whatsapp have the option. If you aren't sure what stories are, they are pictures or videos which usually live at the top of your normal feed and have an expiry period, typically 24 hours. 


When they first started I really did not understand the point of them at all. They disappear after 24 hours, why would you bother putting energy and effort into creating posts that then disappear? But that is actually the point, unlike your actual SM posts, your stories should be more real, you shouldn't be spending lots of time getting the right shot, with the right lighting for your story. Snap a picture of where you are, talk to the camera about the silly thing that you just did, or record the crazy juggler who is on the street next to you. Stories aren't necessarily the place for business talk (although if that is part of your day, sure talk about it). They are more real and they are about building relationships with your audience. 


And wow do they build relationships! Since I started to story regularly I have a lot more DMs people feel they can reach out to me now, they see me as a real person. This encourages customers to trust me and we know that is what leads to customer loyalty! 


It isn't just about business, I have really started to enjoy using stories and I hope you will too!

I recently posted that I have started taking an Instagram / Facebook stories course called Mobile Stories Studio (this isn't an affiliate link, I really do just think it is a great course). I promised to report back and I have to say it is amazing! I have learnt so much! It is aimed at iPhone users but I am an Android girl and still get full use from it. If you want to give it a try, it is just $1 for the first month and you can cancel at anytime. 

Also if you want to follow my stories and see me yabber on about all kinds of random stuff please do! 

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