Tips Round Up #1 - Top 20 Teacher/Author Tips

Tips Round Up #1 - Top 20 Teacher/Author Tips



I recently attended a teacher/ author workshop. During this workshop there was a portion of the day which was called author speed dating, where people had 5 minutes with each other to share their ideas and tips on being a teacher author. It was a fun event and I found that 5 minutes went so quickly. By the end of the session I had gotten pretty good at boiling my best tips down to 5 minutes. This blog post is a bit random, but I think sometimes I overlook the things which I just assume other teacher/ authors already know. So here are 20 tips that I hope will help you in your business

1 - You do need previews - No arguments
2 - Take 'in action' shots and use them in your listings
3 - A blog will help you more than you know
4 - Take time deciding on your business name...
5 - ... and logo
6 - ...and brand colours
7 - ... and audio branding
8 - Set up a Facebook page for your business, Even if Facebook isn't your preferred platform every business needs a Facebook page. 
9 - List your blog posts and products on it
10 - Use IFTTT to connect all of your social media to save time
11 - Do not underestimate the importance of video. Make videos for everything you can
12 - Do not compare yourself to others. You are only competing with yourself
13 - Explain as much as possible in your descriptions, you can't give too much detail
14 - Use Pinterest! This is a must and to make it easier use Tailwind as well if you can afford it. 
15 - Join tribes to get your pins out there (and join my tribe!) 
16 - Think about the hashtags you will use on your social media posts. They need to be relevant and popular
17 - Use PowerPoint to make your products or Adobe, or publisher whichever programme you prefer but please, please, please do not use word! 
18 - Make sure you credit everyone who you use in your work. Pictures, clipart and fonts
19 - Connect with your buyers. Answer every question, feedback and comment. 
20 - Read everything you can, learn about your business! 


These 20 tips were just from short conversations I have had during the meet up and I am sure there are many, many more. I have called this tip post #1 because I will make more! 


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