The Four Areas of Your Business

The Four Areas of Your Business

There are many, many aspects to being a teacher-author: planning, researching, creating, designing, testing, proofing, social media, blogging, pinning, videos, photography, taxes, growth tracking, the list goes on and on. So many things to do but all the different parts of this business can be split into just four areas. 

The problem I think a lot of sellers have is that, they think the aspects of this business fall into three areas: creating, promoting and admin. I agree that these are big parts of our business, but the fourth part is often overlooked and it is just as important to create a successful business. 

The fourth area is learning. You need to constantly be learning in this business, this is true too of teaching, but in the world of resource selling things move fast, even faster than in education. Curricula change, algorithms change and trends change. Not to mention all the things you just don't even know about yet, learning has to be a part of your business and it has to be given a healthy amount of time and attention. 

I never stop learning. I do continue to create, I make new products all the time. I am always promoting (my latest book unit anyone?) and if i don't keep on top of my admin I would drown, but learning is a whole other area and I am careful not to neglect this area. 

So my advice today would be learn, learn whenever you can. Take courses, read blogs, listen to podcasts and go to talks. Learn about your business as much as you possibly can. It is the only way to grow. If you would like to join our Teacher-Seller Facebook group, we are all supporting each other as we learn! Join us here!

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