The Dreaded Dip!

The Dreaded Dip!



It is now October! Can you believe it? This year has flown past for me and I have been so busy. The heating has now been put on, the nights are coming in quicker and people are starting to talk about Christmas. All of this means one big thing for teacher - sellers, the post-summer dip! 

You may have had a great summer and seen your sales really rise. This is great and let's hope it continues, however, this time of year it is very usual to see a dip in sales. It probably won't be as much of a dip as the summer but your sales will go down a little. This is because of a variety of reasons, teachers are settling into their routines and starting to get a bit of a handle on things, the start of the year crazy has calmed and teachers realise they actually do have resources for their classes and also no one has any money at this time of year!

So if you see your sales take a bit of a fall this month don't worry! They will pick back up! If you make seasonal resources fall and Christmas are great but even if you don't the back to school rush after half term will see another spike! 


Keep warm everyone :)


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