The Best Tutorials for Getting Started

The Best Tutorials for Getting Started



I write a lot of blog posts for sellers that are well into their business and need that extra push to make it the success it can be. The reason for this is that the majority of my coaching clients are teacher-authors who have learnt the basics on their own, they have stumbled through all the mistakes and made a great store, with loyal customers, and they just need the next bits, the next bit of advice, the next steps to take. 

However, I often forget that we all started at the beginning and finding the information we needed was sometimes hard! There are questions that new sellers often ask and while I could go into detail here about how to make a cover, how to put a banner in your tpt store or how to add a TOU page. There are so many wonderful bloggers who have already created fantastic step by step tutorials so I thought it would be good to have a round up post for you guys here. 

How do I make cover pages?

The Core Inspiration has a fantastic step by step video on how to make square cover pages and she walks you through it so carefully! 

How do I secure my products?

It is really important to make your products secure, not only to protect your work but also to comply with the TOU of any artists, whose work you might use in your products. 

Here is a great free resource that shows you how to do this

How do I list them for sale on TPT?

This video on YouTube shows you how to create and list your products. How to Create and Upload a Paid Product on TPT


How do I add a banner to my store?

This tutorial on how to dress up your store by Silly Fish is great and explains how to make your banners! 

I am sure there are many more questions that you have that need answering. Please comment with your questions or email me at and I will answer in a blog post! 


If you are a new seller (or even if you aren't) click here to grab your free seller starter pack. This pack contains your seller planner and 101 ways to market your store list. 


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