Successful Mindset, believing in yourself and other blah blah blah advice

Successful Mindset, believing in yourself and other blah blah blah advice


I am a big fan of constantly learning to improve my business, I take courses, I listen to podcasts, I read blogs and I watch videos. I think it is such a valuable way to spend my time as my business can always be improved. That said, it is hard to work out which training will be useful and which will just be fluff, or things I already know. So many training courses or information sources started out really encouraging and then turned out to be a waste of time. I am really not a fan of the whole cheer-leading thing, you know what I mean, the 'yay, go you! you can do it' or even worse the advice that tells you just believe you can do it and you will! 
I would go looking for real solid advice on how to make my videos look great and I would wade through all these bloggers and pod casters telling me just be brave, stop letting fear get in the way, do it scared! All that blah blah blah and I really felt like it wasn't helping me. Until I took a step back and realised as much as I felt I needed solid advice I did actually need some of the soft fluffy stuff!
Take my video for example, yes I needed technical advice on things like how to improve the lighting and audio, but a bit of bad lighting and fuzzy audio wasn't the reason I wasn't making lots of them. It was because I was worried about how I looked and sounded. I was worried! It actually was a mindset thing. I started to think about some of the other things I was trying to learn more about and realised that fear and lack of confidence was the problem, maybe not the whole problem but at least part of it. 
Facebook ads  = I was worried I wouldn't get them right, so put off doing them
Setting up courses = worried no one would want them
Podcasting = worried I wouldn't have the right equipment, so they would go wrong and no one would listen. 
Essentially I was in my own way. I know how stupid that sounds and I hate when people give advice like 'get out of your own way!' but it is true a  lot of the time we just need to do it and figure things out as we go! It never hurts to do research though :)


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