Should I Sell on Different Platforms?

Should I Sell on Different Platforms?


As teacher-authors there are a number of different platforms on which to sell your resources. 

Some people like to be on all the platforms and use them to promote their resources. I personally do not feel it is worth my time and effort to promote all the different platforms I could put my products on to. The main sites I use are TPT and my own site. I promote these two sites a lot and I spend a lot of my time creating products and promotions aimed at these sites. I also have my products on TES and Teacher's Dojo, these sites are good places to use BUT they do not give me as much success as the other two so I do not focus my efforts here. 

If you want to be on different platforms then that is great but make sure you have the time for them. It is better to do one or two sites really well than be on five or six sites and not promote any of them very well. 

So it is your decision, but if you are really looking for advice, start with TPT and promote that! Your own site is also a great idea once you feel ready. 


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