Should I pay for advertising?

Should I pay for advertising?


Advertising is a tricky issue to tackle because it does have it's place in your business. As ever, my advice is completely based on my own experience and the things that have worked for me and my business. If you disagree that is absolutely fine. 

I think, if you have a big budget and want to use paid advertising then great! Do that! However, if you are limited in what you can invest in for your business, it is probably a good idea to put paid for advertising as last. There are so many ways to get your products in front of your customers without paying for adverts, used properly social media is a great free tool that will push your sales. 

There are many other places to invest your money that will benefit your business much more. It is a good idea to pay for professional coaching, courses to develop your creating (I can highly recommend FlapJack Factory's course for product creation) and marketing or tools which will help your business become automated (such as tailwind). 


If you are going to pay for advertising it is important that you do your research first, decide on your platform and be very careful in the choices you make, I have heard many stories of people ending up with a huge bill as they have chosen a per day price instead of overall budget! 

Most importantly advertise on a platform you know. Don't step out into a brand new platform with adverts, a following and an understanding of how it works will help you create your advert. 


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