Should I make seasonal products?

Should I make seasonal products?


Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is here again! It is the time of year when it feels like only Christmas themed resources are actually selling. While this isn't completely true, there is a lot of market for seasonal resources. 


As teachers we love a theme, classrooms get decorated to suit themes and topics and hanging a lesson on a particular time of year can be great fun. This means that if you create lessons and resources which have a seasonal theme you are opening up your market! 

You might now be thinking 'but how do I make my resources holiday themed?' Well there are no hard and fast rules, but it starts with a good idea! 

If you create math lessons then maybe you should add Christmas themed problems to your lesson (candy canes instead of sweets, weigh toys instead of weights and Christmas trees in a row instead of buttons). If science is more your thing think about the types of experiments you want to teach and add a festive element - it is no longer a lesson on weather it is now about snow, add in Santa's sleigh to your experiment on travel or work out how long it would take Santa to travel the planet on Mars! English has even more opportunities! 


These types of seasonal lessons go down very well, but they aren't just limited to Christmas, think about how you will market your lessons for the other big events of the year, such as Valentine's day, Easter and Chinese New Year are just a few to think about. 


Seasonal products do sell well and it is worth trying to get them up a while before they are needed so people can see them and start planning!


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