Product Lines

Product Lines


I wanted to talk today about product lines.

When I first started making resources I just made what ever I needed for my class and then tweaked it and made it suitable to sell. This worked well for me and I was happy with it. When I started to treat this as my business I started to look at my analytics, I started to pay closer attention to the products that sold and I realised I was missing something important. 

If people were interested in buying my unit on the Ancient Egyptians for example, they would probably also be interested in a unit on the Ancient Romans and the Ancient Greeks. If people were buying my spelling books on the sight words: And, Girl and Said they would probably like more of words. 

I had to play around with lots of different products to find my product lines but now that I have some I am seeing a big increase in repeat buyers. It is a good idea to see what sells and use that as an indication of what you should be making more of! 

Let me know about your product lines, what did you decide on and why. 


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