Top 7 Places to Promote Your Products and Grow Your Brand

Top 7 Places to Promote Your Products and Grow Your Brand


Promoting products is one of those jobs with which I have a love/hate relationship. When I am in the right mood promotion is great, I love writing blogs, I create videos and I spend hours interacting on social media. When I am not in the mood it is so difficult, I cannot get the motivation to write blog posts and as for making videos forget it! 

I have found that the best way to keep motivated is to switch it up, I do lots of different things, on different platforms to make sure my promotion stays interesting. Here are the different places you can promote your products and your brand. 

Pinterest Follow me here

Starting with the big guns! Use Pinterest for you business, trust me just do it! Create quality pins for your products and pin them often! I have discussed in previous posts how to use Pinterest. 

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The social media giant! I am not a Facebook fan at all. I really dislike the platform and the way it feels like either a place where people sell you stuff, gloat or moan. That said it is still one of the best ways to get your products seen and sold. You need a Facebook page for your products and you need to post in groups and on your feed. Do it often - even if you don't like it (yes I am reminding myself here too).

Instagram follow me here

This is my favourite platform, it is fun and the easiest to get started with, for me anyway. I am going to split Instagram into four sections because each has its own opportunities. 

- Feed                                                                                                                         Post pictures on your feed of your products, your life and other things you love.Think about your brand when posting any picture

- Stories                                                                                                                      Here you can be much more free. You do not need to worry that pictures and videos you post will not match your brand. Talk to your followers, share your day, your hopes and anything else that is on your mind. Stories will help you gain followers because they will see the real you

- IGTV                                                                                                                        Instagram's answer to YouTube! Great place to post product videos, longer explanations of your business and brand and fun, on brand, video clips

- DMs                                                                                                                         DMs (Direct Messages) are on lots of platforms but I tend to get the most response on Instagram (I think people are just friendlier). If you find someone you admire, DM them. If you see someone asking for advice on teaching a topic, DM them. If you think it might be fun to reach out to someone DM them! 

YouTube Subscribe to my channel here

Like IGTV post your product videos on YouTube, Vlog and spend time creating  channel that shows off your store


Another biggy! Your blog is fantastic place to get known. Write about your products, your ideas and the things you get up to as a teacher. This is the best place to express your brand.

TikTok Find me on TikTok username - @thegingerteacher

Still a relatively new platform, TikTok is growing and is a great place to build a following. Create short videos which you can set to music but you don't have to. Think of them like Instagram stories but a little more stylish. 

Twitter Follow me on Twitter

Twitter can be a funny one. It is a very fast moving platform so you need to be putting out a lot of tweets, but it can really grow your brand and is a great place to meet other people in your area and industry. Tweet about everything! Your day, your life, your products, your work - everything

These are not the only platforms and ways to promote but they are my top seven. Please follow me on my platforms and let me know you came from my blog for a special shout out!


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