Dealing with mean people online

Dealing with mean people online


Creating resources can be quite a lonely job. It is not really a job a lot of people understand and it also requires a lot of time working alone. This is when online groups and communities can be invaluable. 

Finding your people can be difficult but there are many Facebook groups and forums where you can meet other teacher-authors and discuss the aspects of your business. This is great as you can really get strong support from your people. 

While I could talk a lot about the importance and value of online communities, this post is more about the not so nice side. You will inevitably come across people that say mean things, are not encouraging and make you feel that you are doing things wrong.

This happens. It sucks. Do not take it personally. 

I have found that the most unpleasant people actually seem to live mainly on Twitter, but they are everywhere. I have been told I am disgusting, I have no morals and I deserve to lose everything. These are the worst ones, I have had the odd comment about my looks, hair and clothes I wear as well. It takes a while before you realise these people are not your people. They don't know you, they have their own agenda and the best way to think about them is with a Lil' Kim song:  look at them and look at you. True, if I was you I'd hate me too


Or if Lil Kim doesn't float your boat then maybe try the whole of Usher's 'Pop Ya Collar'. What I am trying to say is that this nasty people are actually a really, really good thing! It means you are being noticed, you are being brave and putting yourself out there and you are making an impact. The nasty people are vocal, the nice ones will just sit quietly at the back and then go off and buy your resources.

Don't let it get to you. 


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