Not your usual ways to promote

Not your usual ways to promote

There are many, many ways to promote your resources. You can pin them, put them on Facebook, write blogs about them, make videos about them and many others that we are told about all the time. Today I would like to give you some ideas for the less known ways which can also be very effective.

Put ads in with your products

Make an ad page and put it in with your other products. This is particularly effective when included in your freebies, as there is no risk to the buyer. They download a useful free resource and then they realise they could get more of the same quality for a small price! That is worth it!

Offer your products as gifts

Lots of areas do welcome packs for new teachers, some schools also do it and universities. Offer to include one or two of your products to be included. A brand new teacher is going to get to know you and will be back for more! 

Offer to be interviewed

Every day someone starts a new teaching blog, teaching podcast or teaching newsletter. Drop them emails and offer to be interviewed in exchange for a link to your shop. Bloggers and the like are always looking for content and an interview post is a great way to reach potential new customers. 


Go to conferences (and talk to everyone!)

go to teach meets, go to education conferences, go to professional development sessions, actually go anywhere you will meet other teachers. Tell them about your work, offer free samples and make sure they know how to get more. Which leads me to my last point


Give out cards and catalogues

It isn't expensive to have business cards made with your social media details on. Short catalogues with your best or most relevant resources and some pictures are easy enough to get printed either online or at your local print shop. Hand these out to any teacher that stands still long enough, you never know where your next customer is hiding! 

I hope these ideas helped you! 

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