If This Then That!

If This Then That!

I have a deep love for If This Then That (IFTTT). It is a fantastic site that helps you to automate so many things for your business! 


The problem with promoting online is that there is so much you can do that it can sometimes feel overwhelming and you end up doing nothing! I love how IFTTT takes the pressure off.

So what is it? It is a free website that does things for you. For example you can ask it to make sure that when you post a picture to Instagram, that same picture will be pinned to your Pinterest board, it can be turned into a Twitter tweet or a Facebook post. If you have a blog this is very powerful, you can set IFTTT to check your blog so every time you post a blog post, it also posts to Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or anywhere else you feel like! 

As you can imagine this is a very helpful tool. It is very easy to use. Every operation you want IFTTT to perform is called an applet. You can make your own applet or you can use the search function and use a pre-made one. If you want to create your own simply click on 'New Applet' at the top of the screen it will say 


Click on the This and choose what you would like to be the trigger, for example, When I post a YouTube video, then choose what you want to happen, for example create a blog post. then click save and you are done! Now when ever you put up a new YouTube video it will also create blog post on your blog! How easy was that!! 


It is great for saving time and helping you to be everywhere! 

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