How much of my store should be free?

How much of my store should be free?


The answer to this question varies a lot depending on who you ask! while actual numbers vary it tends to come down to two types of sellers. Some people believe that if you give away enough free stuff buyers will trust you and then eventually when they need something you are the seller they will come to. Other people believe that you should only have minimal free products, enough to give a taste of your work without training buyers to expect everything for free. 


Personally I am the latter. I don't usually  make a freebie unless it is to promote a priced product. That's not to say my freebies aren't valuable. For example on TPT I have a complete English Lesson on the second chapter of the book Mr Stink. This is a lesson teachers can use without buying anything at all, but if they like it they can purchase the other lessons in the series, and they often do! (Another reason to make your freebies fab!)

It is your business and you need to decide what is best for you to do. 


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