How do I prepare for a site wide sale?

How do I prepare for a site wide sale?


If you have your own site then you can decide to have a sale whenever you want to. If you sell on Teachers Pay Teachers or TES then you still have the option to put your store on sale but it is much more valuable to throw your sales at the same time as site wide sales. 


Some people get quite anxious about sales, they worry if they should join in, how to advertise their store and what they should be doing during the sale. So in answer to this question here are my site-wide sale tips

1- Join in!

The site wide sales allow buyers to get a discount preset by the site. On TPT it is usually 5%. This does not require you to do anything and your earnings are not affected by this discount. However it is a really good idea to join in the sale and put your own resources on sale as well.If you choose to put your products on sale you will earn less each sale but it can be a really great way to boost your earnings and gain followers. So join in the sale! 


2- Get last minute products up

Your followers should receive emails when new products get listed, with this in mind it is a good idea to get up any nearly finished resources the day before the sale; so your products are fresh in buyers minds when the sale hits. You also want to give your amazing products ever chance to get seen and purchased and that isn't going to happen if they aren't listed!

3- Use your wish list


Lucky for us TPT offers a wish list option, (I hope that TES will also offer this one day!) You can find your wish list stats in your product stats menu. 

People wish list your product for lots of reasons. They might not be teaching that yet, they might not have the money yet and they might be waiting for a sale! So a sale is on the horizon so it is a great idea to remind all those people that wanted your product they can get it now for a saving. So check out your wish list numbers find the products that are wish listed the most and then you know the products you will be focusing on for this sale. Maybe they need updated, maybe they just need a new cover and preview to jazz them up. You could use this product as a star product to advertise your sale - for example 'get your Dinosaur Task Cards now while they are on sale!' 

Include these products in all the promotional ways I am about to talk about. 

4- Use your note to followers

Use the option on TES and TPT to contact your followers and let them know you will be participating in the sale. Maybe highlight the products you are pushing and let your loyal followers know now is the time to buy! 

5- Send out the social media posts

This is an important one! Get it out there! Put posts on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Let everyone know you are joining in the sale and now is the time to buy! Give your followers the dates of the sale and a link to use. When there are site wide sales you don't even need to make your own social media posts, there will be people on the site and on Facebook that are kind enough to share their own pre-made posts, so you have no excuse! Get them out there! 

(Please note: When TPT announce the sale to sellers they will tell you when you can start advertising. Please do not do so before this date!)

6- Join in with collaborative promos and give aways

When a sale is coming you will find many, many sellers and seller groups setting up promotional campaigns and competitions to get people interested in the sale. Keep in mind not all promotional campaigns are created equal! Check out the people involved, decide if it suits your store and then jump in! These type of promotions can be fantastic for your sale, just make sure you do your home work. You can find these opportunities in Facebook groups, Instagram accounts and on the forums

7- Use your email list

If you have an email list (and you should have!!) Now is the time to reach out to them. Just like with your message to followers. Let your loyal fans know about your store sale. 

8- Support other sellers


Sales are not only a great time to earn big money, you can also use them to grab a bargain! Get your clipart stocked up, buy some great fonts and check out those seller tools you have had your eye on! 


Sale days can be great but don't get discouraged if it does not go as well as expected. This is a long game and every little thing you do for your business is a seed that you are planting to help grow your future!

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