How can I market my products on my phone?

How can I market my products on my phone?


We live in a busy world and it is not always easy to get time in front of our computers. If you are anything like me, sometimes the only chance you get all day to focus on marketing is in bed at the end of your day on your phone! 


With this in mind I thought it would be a good idea to discuss the things that you can effectively achieve on your phone to market your products. Please note this is not intended as a tutorial for product photos and videos, there are some excellent courses out there and I may cover this in another post. This is really things you can do last thing at night while laying in bed on your phone. 


Instagram Feed

Post something nice from your phone photos to your Instagram feed. If you don't have anything you want to post or that fits your style then create a text post on your phone and post that. 


Instagram Stories

Another thing you can do with just your phone. Tell your followers how your day has been, anything fun that has happened that day or your plans for later. If you don't like to share personal information you can discuss how your products are going.

If you aren't comfortable talking to your followers, post some wise words, pictures of your products and silly things you have found online

Get Tweeting

Twitter is not my favourite marketing platform at all, having said that it does have its uses and can be very good for driving traffic and building relationships. So if you have some spare time with just your phone, get on there and join in some conversations. Talk to other teachers, discuss how your classroom is running, how you are finding a new educational development or even just life stuff. Building relationships with your followers is an important part of marketing. 

Don't just try and sell, no one wants to talk to the person who just keeps tweeting their products, but if it comes up naturally (someone asks for recommendation for example) then let people know your resources are the answer they are looking for. 

Facebook groups

If you are not a member of seller Facebook groups now is the time to join! Have a search around find a few you like the look of and request to join. Lots of groups have marketing opportunities you can join in with straight from your phone. I am not a fan of chore threads (where you post a link and then have to share everyone else's on the thread) because while they do get you lots of shares, you end up sharing content which isn't relevant to you or your followers, but if you like them great! 

I like groups which give you the option to follow or share others' content which I find much better as I can find posts that match and compliment my brand. 

Product plans

I often find that my best ideas come to me when I am falling asleep or actually focusing on other things, so I keep a note to myself on my phone. When laying in bed I have a look at these notes and flesh them out, add details about the product.


If you read my posts often you will know how much value I place in constantly learning. I think you can do amazing things for your business if you listen and learn from people who have different skills to you. A little bit of alone time with your phone, is a great chance to read some blogs, listen to some podcasts and watch some videos. Taking in new information will never be time wasted. 

What ever you choose to do enjoy it but make sure you take some time off as well, this business can get all consuming!


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