How can I get repeat buyers?

How can I get repeat buyers?


Getting repeat buyers is fantastic! I absolutely love it when customers come back and buy from me again and again, it is an endorsement of my hard work and it also gives me a warm fuzzy feeling! 

If you don't know how to check for repeat buyer on your TPT store, please head over to where not only will you be able to get fantastic charts and graphs about your resources but also a repeat buyer score and how many times that person has brought from you! I have a wonderful lady called Katherine, she is a teacher from half way across the world and she buys nearly everything I make! I have tried to offer her freebies in the past but she never takes me up on it! (Mysterious Katherine - I love you please email me for your freebie!) 

So how do we get these wonderful repeat buyers?  

Great products

This one is kind of a given, you are creating great products already I hope! But yes, your customers will come back if your products are exactly what they need. Which leads to my next point:

Detailed descriptions and tagging

Make sure your products are exactly what your customer needs by giving them a detailed description and preview! Let them know what they are getting so that it will fit their needs. This also applies to grade an subject tagging, DON'T OVER TAG! I know the temptation is there to tell buyers your resource will fit all the grades and all the subjects, but truth is it will not! At best you will just appear in their search when you aren't wanted, at worst they will buy your resource find it completely unsuitable and never come back again! Not what you want.

Ad pages

We have talked about ad pages before and how they are important for up-selling. Letting your customers know that you have similar products that match the one they have just brought encourages them to come back and try your other resources (assuming of course the one they just brought was great). 

On the end of your product after your credits page include a link to some of your other products they might also enjoy. 

Email lists

The money's in your list! Encourage your customers to join your email list. This is so important. Once you have a customer's email you can let them know about new products, sales and any competitions you will run. 

Social media interaction

Customers that trust and know you will come back for more. The best way to do this is through chatting to them on social media. Answer any comment on your posts, talk to your followers and remind people who you are. 

Customer Service

Nothing beats good customer service! Respond to feedback, answer questions and always, always, always try to solve your customer's problems! At times it can feel like it is pointless, but you are doing this customer service in public, so not only are you helping the current customer, you are also showing future customers how helpful and nice you are! So while it may be tempting to be sarcastic to the customer that doesn't understand how a PowerPoint works; don't! Breath, rant to a real life person and then put on your customer service face and help them out! 

Repeat customers are great and if you keep at it they will come! 


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