Don't be an island

Don't be an island


No man is an island.... John Donne may have been talking about community as a whole but he really has a point. 

People need other people. In our business it is really important to find other people who are doing the same as you. Selling teaching resources online is a really niche business, it is sort of like digital marketing, sort of like teaching and a bit like sales person. It is such a unique position that it can be hard to even explain to outsiders never mind discuss the important points, ideas and fears associated with it. 

Then if you go even deeper, if you are particularly focused on hand writing for example, and even further than that, handwriting for special needs. Some times it can feel like you are an island, no one really gets it and even your loving spouse has started to drift off when you discuss how your current UTM code is performing. 

As teachers we are used to being part of a select community but once you are a teacher seller it can feel even smaller. So my advice for you today is find your people, connect with other people that sell in your area and online and even if you feel that you cannot learn from each other it is still important to make these connections. Talk about the things that are driving you mad with your store, the things you are worried about and the great new product line you have just planned out. Because these are your people and everyone else, no matter how great their intentions, will just not understand! 

I mentioned about connecting online and this is great but personally I feel that nothing beats real human contact. I know that some times this is impossible and online will have to do, but if you can meet in person. Even if you are shy, if you don't know how, get on Facebook, join some groups and find the teacher sellers near you. Do it for your own sanity (and you partners). 

I run the Facebook group Teacher-Seller TV. Hop over there and join in the conversation! 


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