Do I need a blog to sell my resources?

Do I need a blog to sell my resources?

This is an interesting question, with quite a few answers. But really you need to ask yourself if you want a blog. Having a blog you hate having to write each week because it promotes your resources, is pointless. You will not enjoy the writing. Your readers will not care and you won't drive sales from it. 


However if you like blogging then yes! Write a blog, yes it will drive sales and yes you need to be doing this! 

If you don't want your own blog don't panic, there are still options (or blogging lite if you like ha ha) to write promotional blog posts or similar. Read blogs you like and contact the blogger to ask if they want a guest blogger, the worst they can say is no. 

If writing an actual post is what puts you off think smaller scale. Think of Instagram as very small blog posts. Think about the message you want to put out there (for example you might want to say how great it is to use dice in PE) take a pictures of it happening, write a short description of it happening then put it on Instagram! Don't forget to tell the reader where they can also find a great PE dice game to go with the picture. There you go short and sweet blog post! 


It doesn't have to be Instagram could be Facebook or which ever social media you are most comfortable with. The point is you are starting to regularly write posts that tell your readers something. And if this is as far into blogging as you go then that is fine but who knows it might lead to full blog posts and one day a successful blog! 


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