Dear Santa, Please bring this TPT-er....

Dear Santa, Please bring this TPT-er....


I have been very good this year and I am definitely on Santa's good list! Have you been a good teacher-author? If you have you might want to consider asking Father Christmas for some nice things for your business!

A ring light - This is a fantastic way to get perfect product shots

A TPT gift card - for all the clipart and fonts you desire!

Laminator - Great for prepping your products

Laminator sheets - to go with your nice new machine

Comb binder - to make your resources into snazzy books

and of course the combs to go with it - in various sizes

External hard drives - to save all your work

A nice office chair - Got to protect your back all the sitting we do!

A fancy tablet - If you have been extra good perhaps you need a shiney new tablet to work on.

A beautiful planner - to keep you organised

A flip chart - for planning on

A new printer - Got to print out those fabulous products

Paper - to go in it!

Dry wipe weekly planning board - because at a glance helps so much!

An email marketing course for Teacher-sellers - by me ha ha 


I also like to ask for homemade vouchers which are so useful - for example: an hours babysitting, free data entry or an hour cutting out your products! 

Let me know what you will be asking Santa for this year!

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