Can I sell teaching resources for a living?

Can I sell teaching resources for a living?

Well I did ask for your questions and you guys didn't disappoint! Thank you so much to everyone that emailed me (and those that asked in person at the tes event today)  will get to all the questions I promise! 


The most popular it seems is: 'can you really earn more than a teaching salary doing this?' 


The short answer.... Yes. 

The long answer... Not without a lot of work. Throwing up your last week's lesson plans and expecting to quit next month isn't going to happen. You need to work hard and you need to promote your work. But yes. Yes you can make a real living doing this. Many teacher authors are already and the market for teaching resources is growing. 


It might sound strange, why would the market be growing when more and more teachers are creating and selling resources? Well the answer is because more teachers than ever are NQTs, RQTs and inexperienced professionals that need guidance. Schools in general do not have the bank of experienced staff that they used to and the problem is only getting worse. 

Another issue we are all aware of is the work load pressure on teachers and any way we can help with that is going to be a growing market. So yes. You can. And if you put hard work into it, yes you will. 

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