Share Your Expertise

Share Your Expertise


Are you an experienced teacher? Would you like to share you experience with other teachers and earn money? 

I am inviting you to submit your own professional development videos to the site Teacher Clicks. If you don't know what this site is please take a look at this blog post which explains more about it. In short, it is a brand new platform which provides teachers with up to date, easily accessible professional development. It is like Netflix for teachers

When a teacher joins they pay a small subscription fee (after the free trail ends) and with that subscription they can watch any of the videos on professional development. The training is on a wide range of subjects such as tackling bullying, handling difficult parents and starting writing centres, this is just a few examples of the large number of videos available on the site. 

Teachers that would like to submit their own videos are welcome to choose any area of learning for fellow teachers, once your video is uploaded you will receive a monthly statement of the number of times you video has been viewed and you will receive a percentage of the subscription fee based on viewing times. 

If this sounds like something you would like to do please jump over and fill in this form to get started! 


If you have some great ideas to share but are worried about the actual filming and editing of the videos don't worry we can help with that as well! 

Check out Teacher Clicks for yourself and see what you think!


Would you like free training on improving your questioning? click here for a free professional development video on effective questioning! 

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